About our range

About our range

Our current range is all high quality acrylic. Its all about interior design for bubbas and little hipsters. We wanted to create a line that either blends into its surrounds (our invisible playpen) or really pops like artwork that you would be happy to display in any part of your home. Please note our designs are either patented or design registered, thank you for respecting and appreciating all the time that goes into a design from start to finish.

Invisible Playpen

So Tex was getting very busy. We were mid renovation and had heaps going on. We realised it was time to get a playpen. After searching and searching and only finding finding what resembled a UFC fighting cage or a primary coloured jail. We realised it was time to design our own version. And came to the conclusion the best looking playpen would actually appear invisible. After many samples and design altercations we had finally created a floor less playpen.

Attic house

Noticing a need for a version of "doll house" that is very gender neutral We wanted to also design a piece of art for the nursery. It had to be very bright and we love neons, not to mention see through acrylic neon! We took inspiration from Danish architecture. We wanted a simplistic design with clean lines. Thats how the attic house grew!

Hex Box

With the shadow box craze sweeping through the nurseries we thought it might be time to create our take on the shadow box. To keep within the rest of our range we decided on a simple design being again hexagon shaped and neon in colour.