About Us

About Us

We are a husband and wife design team, Sam + Laura with a toddler called Tex. We live in Rippleside a relaxing bayside suburb in Victoria, Australia. We both share a strong love of many styles of architecture and interior design.

Our thoughts on one another:

Sam: "Laura is the ideas person, there will be days when she will come up with a plethora of different ideas and I will have to tell her to slow down whilst I jot them all down. Her imagination is incredible and never have I come across anything like it. She has a design brain that only a few are lucky enough to be born with! Something you cannot be taught about with many years of schooling."

Laura: "Sam has the engineering brain he knows how everything works and knows how to draw anything in precise details. He is a problem solver and will find his way around any situation. He knows how to put my ideas on paper. He is a perfectionist (yes this can be very annoying).

By Looking at our products I'm sure you can tell we are huge on acrylics. We both absolutely love acrylics!